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If you were accused of criminal activity, no matter the specifics of the charges against you, preparing a successful defense may seem complex and upsetting. In most cases, you have only one opportunity make decisions that will affect you for the long term.

As you look for the help of a firm with whom you are comfortable, keep in mind the types of lawyers you will encounter in your search: “bargain basement” lawyers, those in general practice, court-appointed lawyers, and criminal defense attorneys. In short, avoid the bargain basement lawyer because, generally, you will get what you pay for. A general practice lawyer may be knowledgeable in many areas, but may not have the skills and knowledge necessary of a successful criminal defense attorney. If you cannot afford a criminal defense attorney, then having a court-appointed lawyer (public defender) will be your next best choice.

Our firm is comprised of highly skilled, experienced lawyers who are ready to start a thorough evaluation of your case and begin preparing a plan of attack. If you have been charged with a crime, Tyler Flood & Associates will provide you with a FREE case evaluation. Contact us here today to get started.